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By Legion

Introducing the SCR-1200 Cafe Racer, a captivating electric motorbike that seamlessly blends the nostalgic charm of a retro cafe racer style with state-of-the-art electric technology. Featuring smooth lines and vintage-inspired accents, this exceptional vehicle epitomizes the ideal fusion of timeless aesthetics and contemporary performance.

Intelligent LCD Display

The e-Cafe Racer LCD display is the ultimate control hub for your Legion motorbike. Display features include adjustable backlight, battery %, odometer, speed, assist level, password feature, USB charge port and more. Engineered to withstand the elements, the LCD display is equipped with IP65 level waterproofing and features a USB charge port. Crafted from a robust ABS/PC blend, the display shell ensures long-lasting durability, while the super strong tempered glass screen provides added protection.

5 Level Pedal Assist + Throttle (Class 1/2/3)

Get ready for adventure with five levels of pedal assist with increasing levels of power as you level up or simply go full throttle for an exhilarating motorcycle style vibe. Choose between e-bike class 1, 2, or 3.

Class 1 -  Pedal assist only, no throttle, once the e-bike reaches a speed of 20 mph, the motor stops providing assistance.

Class 2  - Pedal assist and throttle, once the e-bike reaches a speed of 20 mph, the motor stops providing assistance.

Class 3  - Pedal assist only to 28mph, no throttle, once the e-bike reaches a speed of 28 mph, the motor stops providing assistance

Designed for Comfort & Style

Embrace a timeless retro aesthetic with our Custom Leather seat that includes a Gel Pad insert + Memory Foam. Meticulously designed with a nod to classic motorcycle seat craftsmanship, this seat features premium leather that exudes elegance and durability. Get ready for the perfect balance of cushioning and support for a comfortable journey on every ride.

See and Be Seen

The e-Cafe Racer features a range of lighting elements that enhance safety and visibility. They include a motorcycle style headlight for clear vision (with brights feature), a taillight integrated into the rear frame makes the electric motorbike noticeable to other drivers. A responsive brake light activates while braking. Front and rear turn signals indicate the rider's direction. With this comprehensive lighting system, the e-Cafe Racer ensures a secure riding experience, day or night.


Motor & Power

The SCR-1200 electric bike motor is designed to revolutionize your riding experience. Say goodbye to sluggish climbs and slow acceleration, as our high torque motor provides instant power for sustained climbing and acceleration. With a power output of up to 1200 watts, you'll have all the strength you need at your fingertips.

On/off-road Capability

The SCR-1200 electric motorbike is a versatile powerhouse designed to conquer both on-road and off-road terrains with ease. Equipped with front and rear suspension, 6-speed Shimano gears, and 20" x 4.5" all-terrain tires, it delivers unparalleled stability, control, and traction, ensuring an exhilarating and smooth ride regardless of the environment.


The SCR-1200 electric motorbike showcases an advanced braking system, incorporating Tektro 4-piston brakes at the front and rear, coupled with a power cutoff feature that enhances safety by swiftly halting the motor's output during braking maneuvers.

Power UP

The SCR-1200is powered by a 48V 20ah removeable/lockable battery that can be fully
charged in approximately 5 hours via Level 1 charging through a
standard household outlet. The included 48v 3 Amp Legion Smart Charger operates on 100v-240v AC power outlets.



Removeable: Yes

Battery range: 45-75 miles (estimate)

Battery Type: Lithium Ion
Cell Type: LG
Voltage: 48V
Battery capacity: 960wh
Battery weight: 11lbs
Charging Time: 4h


Anti-Theft Password

Off-Road Mode/Password - *Must request from Legion.

Speed Limit

USB Charge Port

Odometer, Speed, Battery Life, plus many more.

Turn signal indicator

Headlight Indicator with Brights feature


750 - 1200w (peak) geared rear hub motor

2-Piece hub design

Inclination: 35+ degrees

Motor Ingress: IP67
Maximum speed: 20, 28 mph


What is the price match guarantee? 

If you find a lower price from another online store for the same item(s), we will gladly match that price upon purchase. 

How long until I receive my bike?

The order will be process in 48 business hours. Once the order has shipped, a shipping confirmation email will be sent to your email. We use FedEx or UPS for shipping. Please allow 2~7 business days for the shipment to arrive to your designated location. Any delivery dates provided by Mokwheel are estimates.

Do I need a license for riding Ebike?

No, you don’t need a license for riding Ebike. Please read Safety Instructions carefully for your safety.

Are your bikes waterproof?

Our bikes are water and dust resistant, rated IP54. This means that they can be ridden in the rain, but we would still advise against leaving them exposed to the elements. We would also recommend cleaning your bikes with a damp cloth instead of hosing them down, to prevent damage to any components.

How to clean the Ebike?

We recommended you to take off the battery. Otherwise, you can clean the E-bike as the normal bike.

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